Janel Russell Janel Russell believes that every human being is gifted in one way or another. In her own case, she is convinced that she's been blessed with two gifts. Her creativity. And her son.

Janel's creativity blossomed when, as a young mother in need of a career, she enrolled in a Minneapolis Vocational School and studied Jewelry Manufacturing and Design in '77-'78. Afterward, Janel went to work for Gary Bonstrom at G. Allan Jewelers (a Minneapolis jeweler) that not only had on-premises jewelry making, but allowed her to come in after hours to work on her own designs. One of her dreams was to create a design that would personally communicate her great love for her child.

Janel had always worn a single pearl around her neck in honor of her child and would constantly play with it throughout the day. It was a habit she rarely noticed until the pearl would literally wear out and require replacement. In 1980, instead of replacing the pearl, Janel decided it was time to create a piece that would show the world the bond she had always felt with her son - and that must exist between every mother and child.

In 1980, Janel's beautiful design was born. Of course, like any piece of personally created jewelry, it was a "one-off" piece. However, family and friends were soon raving about the design and asking Janel to make one for them. The phenomenon began and Janel named the piece "The Mother and Child". In 1981, Janel's copyrighted design was discovered by Kirchner Corporation, who arranged to market it in the U.S. as Mother and Child®. Janel's Mother and Child® jewelry line quickly became one of the most sought after family-theme jewelry items in history.

In 1984, she created a derivative work that featured a heart shaped profile. And in 1999, released The Mother and Child Heart jewelry line.

Today, her designs are adored and adorned by mothers all over the world.

Is Janel surprised at her great success? Not really, she would tell you. Because she knew what The Mother and Child by Janel Russell pendant meant to her as a mother the moment she first wore it. And she came to know that every mother would feel the same way.

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